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Botox - Wrinkle Relaxers

As we age, our expression may appear worried, stressed, or even angry. Botox works by blocking the nerve signal to the muscles beneath the skin that cause dynamic wrinkles.

Botox is a quick in office treatment performed with small injections. You will see a gradual onset of results between two and fourteen days.

Areas commonly treated with botox:
 Forehead wrinkles
 Frown lines; the frown area between the eyebrows commonly called the "11's"
 Crow's feet
 Vertical lip lines
 Gummy smiles
 Bunny lines
 Masseter muscle (jaw line contouring/may improve clenching and grinding)
 Dimpled chin

Aftercare Instructions
 Do not participate in any strenuous exercise for a minimum of 24 hours.
 Do not massage or manipulate injection sites for 24 hours.
 Bruising may occur and typically resolves within 14 days.
 Allow 14 days for your wrinkle relaxers to fully set in before judging the final result. While results may come sooner other clients may find that it will take up to 14 days to achieve full effect.
 Botox is FDA indicated to last about 3 months. However individual results may vary.